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Abalone is still open through the end of November, and salmon is open until November 13th at Shelter Cove.  The rivers are coming in to shape for steelheading.

I want to get you on your kayak fishing or other outdoor fantasy trip - tell me where you want to go and what you want to do, and let's make it happen!

North Coast Rivers are PRIME right now!

Steelhead and salmon are making their way up our streams to spawn - the experience of hooking and fighting a wild steelhead from a kayak is an amazing thing, and the all day trip through the oldgrowth forest makes it all the more incredible.  Let's do it!

A trip down the South Fork of the Eel is one of my best offerings - all day, oldgrowth redwoods, pristine spawning streams, and awesome wildlife opportunities.

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Crabbing will be open soon, and fishing from shore and spearfishing are open year-round.  A day on the Lost Coast discovering hidden treasures is an awesome time.  I like to hike to a hot-spot, access it using specialized gear, catch lunch, and eat it right there on the rocks!  Let's go!

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