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~~ I've been going on adventures up and down north coast rivers and on the ocean at Shelter Cove, Trinidad, Cape Mendocino and out of Humboldt Bay for many years now. While much of my time has been spent with people like Domenic Belli who know their way around a kayak and the open ocean, I have also outfitted and guided many family and friends over the years.  The decision to get my guide's license was based on the realization that I've developed experience in getting people on some of the times of their lives!  I'm now guiding trips and loving the opportunities to connect with people who want to learn more and to go somewhere they've never been.  While chasing and hopefully catching fish like salmon and lingcod is a strong passion, I always look to other aspects of the trips in making a conscious effort to have well rounded fulfillment.  I like to cover the miles, see and possibly interact with wildlife, challenge my abilities and appreciate unique natural beauty.  It's about the journey!  Let's go on an adventure together!

Become a Water Person

Whether it's paddling a kayak, diving in the ocean, hiking along a stream or seeking the heaviest part of a rainstorm's downpour, I will help you to become more of an outdoorsman and water person who thrives in the elements, sees more detail on each trip, knows how to access adventure, and appreciates the world around us.

The process I've developed over the past 25 years involves careful study of the forecasts and trends, as light winds and calm water often lend to the most enjoyable and memorable outings.  The itinerary for your trip will always consider the best options available at the time.

Custom Trip Planning

Making connections with people is half the reason I'm pursuing this endeavor.  I focus on bringing a positive flow to our interaction, and I hope to end the day with a new friend who has just had an incredible experience!

Personalized Service

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