Some catches by my guests during my first two years as a professional guide in Humboldt County:

75 pound / 88" Thresher Shark - August 2016 by Nathan Voelckers

100 pound / 9.5 foot Thresher Shark - August 2015 by Matt Baron

65 pound / 7' Thresher Shark - August 2017 by Cecilia Costa 

18 pound Lingcod - June 2016 by Anthony Anchetta

17 and 20 pound Chinook Salmon - July 2016 by Terry Saufferer

Fat King Salmon - August 2016 by Bob Gerstein

Limit of King Salmon - May 2016 by Steve Orcutt

Limit of King Salmon - July 2014 by Craig Carraher

8 Ten Inch Abs and an 11 incher - 2014 - 2017 by Ron Saufferer

30 pound King Salmon by David Bradfield on 9/16/16

What will you catch on our trip together?!

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2016 Highlights

Some special catches from my kayaks over the years: 

November 20, 2005 - 23.5 pound lingcod - from '04 to '08 I caught at least a 23 pounder each year from my kayaks.

September 11, 2006 - 38 pound salmon at Shelter Cove - since '05 I've caught more than 150 legal kings from my kayaks offshore of Humboldt County.

July 12, 2011 - 42"+ Pacific Halibut at Shelter Cove on a twenty pound leader with barbless hooks. 

August 30, 2014 - ~9 foot / 100 pound Thresher shark at Shelter Cove on a twenty pound leader with barbless hooks.

1994 - today - around 100 ten inch abalone including three eleven inchers.  Most of the tens I've found in the past several years I've left in the spot I found them.  I've given away a few dozen of my nicest tens as trophies at my kayak fishing tournament.

Over the past several years I've focused on catching steelhead from my kayak along local streams.  I've boated quite a few over ten pounds, and it's always an added challenge to get them on video.  This past season I got my guests on a few 12 pounders.

I've put some energy into diversifying my catch list from the yaks - kokanee at Tahoe, SMB in Mendocino County, LMB in Humboldt, trout, sunfish...

The ocean holds the most draw for me, but I'm always looking for the best current opportunities, and fresh water is sometimes it.

27 pound lingcod - October 2016