Loleta Eric's Guide Service

Terry from Sacramento says:  My brother and I highly recommend taking a guided trip with LoletaEric.  We have been out with Eric twice this year and have had a blast exploring new areas for us with him.  Eric knows the north coast like the back of his hand.  The cost of his trips in my opinion are very reasonable.  Eric is one of the top salmon fishermen I know and his techniques really work.  All I can say is that I used his techniques this year and ended up landing 27 salmon, with 4 over 30 pounds.  There is still time left in this season to book a trip with Eric.  Thank you Eric.  ~Terry

Watch Craig catch his salmon here:

Diving, fishing, hiking and enjoying a fresh, hot meal with Terry and Ron:

Craig from San Fran says:  I'm ruined ruined ruined by Eric.  I can't sleep. I daydream trolling. Eric's voice haunting me, 'cradling the anchovy in your wet hand, spread the gills with your thumb, use the tip of the hook to pierce an opening by sliding it from head to tail, direct the tip centered to the back of the bony area, the tip lodged in the bone, the angle of the shank moving exactly in this direction, that anchovy stays on, wet hand, circle the leader once around.........  With only nine months kayak fishing, I hired Eric on the Tuesday at Shelter Cove just before the Albion Tournament. That morning, I netted two salmon, total weighing over 40 lbs at Shelter Cove, with Eric's full focus on training my paddling, line pulls, testing gear, testing leader, rod placement, rod holding, drag strength, salmon running, salmon netting. My mind, body, spirit in complete disbelief or awe of where I was, what I was doing, what was happening, no Yippee, no HeeHaws to break the fluidity, the essence of being present at one time, one moment. It's an engraving on my life that's never going to leave. Ruined ruined ruined by Eric.  ~ Craig