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Gimme Shelter Annual Kayakfishing Tournament at Shelter Cove, California.

Each May for the past ten years and more we've built up something special down at the Cove.  In anticipation of the rockfish and lingcod opener along the Lost Coast, we gather for a long weekend of family time, fishing, diving, boogieboarding, hiking, the best of food and the best of friendship.  The fishing tournament rules the day Saturday, and it's become the west coast's largest kayak fishing event at more than 200 registered competitors.  The rest of the event weekend is so full of joy and the best of living, and I'm always working to make it even better.  This is a family event where excessive drinking is not welcome and smoking is not allowed within the activities. 

This year's Eleventh Annual Gimme Shelter Kayakfishing Tournament can be accessed at this thread on the NCKA forums: